These 128GB SD cards for Raspberry Pi?come preprogrammed with the Raspberry Pi OS. Raspberry Pi OS, previously called Raspbian, is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi. This version of the Raspberry Pi OS also comes with recommended software that will install when you boot up your Raspberry Pi/Raspberry Pi 400 for the first time.

Although there are many OS choices available for use with the Raspberry Pi, this OS is recommended for new users as it is quick and easy to set up and comes with everything you’ll need to get going straight away. Anything else you might need can easily be installed via the desktop.

Out of the box, it comes with the Chromium internet browser, a full office suite, coding editors including Scratch and Thonny, games such as Minecraft, and much much more.?All ready for use straight away and provides everything you need for a full desktop experience!

The SD card acts as your computer hard drive, containing the operating system, installed software and all of your personal files. This is compatible with Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi 400 computers.

First boot:?Pop the SD card into your Raspberry Pi/Raspberry Pi 400. Ensure that you have your mouse/keyboard and monitor connected, then connect the power. After a short time, you will be greeted with the setup wizard. The wizard set-up consists of;

  • Setting up your country information.
  • Choosing password for logging onto the system**.
  • Setting up the screen.
  • Network/Wifi setup, you’ll need your Wifi password handy for this. You can skip if you don’t wish to have it online at the moment.
  • It will then ask you if you want to update all software. We recommend updating as this will ensure everything on your system is up to the minute. NOTE: The update can take quite a while to complete, it may even seem that it has stopped working. Just wait it out and it will complete in due course.
  • Then reboot to save and apply all settings.

**?Pick a password that is secure and that you won’t forget. The password allows you to sign in and is also required when performing some actions, such as installing software.

After Set up:?Once you’ve completed the setup wizard and rebooted you will now be on the Raspberry Pi OS desktop. If you’ve only ever seen windows, the layout should be quite familiar to you. Although the taskbar is across the top by default, it has a similar general layout to a Windows taskbar. If you click on the Raspberry Pi logo, the menu will pop up that contains the categories for the installed software. More software can easily be installed via; Pi Logo/Preferences/Add-remove software. You will also find a help section in the menu that contains an extensive list of documentation to walk you through pretty much any task.

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