Raspberry Pi Keyboard UK (Red/Whit


Keyboard & hub
? 79-key keyboard (78-key keyboard for US model, 83-key keyboard for
Japanese model)
? Three USB 2.0 type A ports for powering other peripherals
? Automatic keyboard language detection
? USB type A to micro USB type B cable included for connection
to compatible computer
? Weight: 269g (376g including packaging)
? Dimensions: 284.80mm 121.61mm ? 20.34mm
? (330mm ? 130mm ? 28mm including packaging)


The official Raspberry Pi keyboard and hub is a standard 79-key
(78-key US) keyboard that includes an additional three USB 2.0 type
A ports for powering other peripherals. The keyboard is available in
different language/country options as detailed below.

The official Raspberry Pi mouse is a three-button optical mouse which
connects via a USB type A connector either to one of the USB ports on
the keyboard or directly to a compatible computer.

Both products are ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and
both are compatible with all Raspberry Pi products.

Weight0.376 kg
Dimensions33 × 13 × 2.8 cm